Brenta Dolomites

The Brenta Dolomites are one of the nine Dolomite groups recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, included in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and home to a small community of brown bears.

The Brenta Dolomites group extends for about 40 km in a north-south direction and 12 km from east to west. They are enclosed to the north by the Val di Sole, to the south by the Giudicarie valleys, to the east by the Val di Non, by Lake Molveno and the Paganella plateau, to the west by Val Rendena.

There are eight peaks over 3000 meters and many over 2500 meters. Among the most famous: Cima Tosa (3,173 m), Cima Brenta (3,151 m), Crozzon di Brenta (3,118 m), Cima Ambiez (3,102 m), Torre di Brenta (3,008 m), Campanile Alto (2,937 m) and Cima Groste (2,901 m).

There are also numerous lakes in the area, including Lake Molveno, the largest, Lake Tovel, once known for the red color of its waters, and other smaller alpine lakes, such as Lake Valagola in Val d ‘Agola, the Durigat lake at the Peller refuge, the Salare lake at the Passo della Nana.

However, the Dolomites are not an uninterrupted chain of peaks, but nine mountain systems separated by valleys, rivers and other groups of mountains. The 142,000 hectares that make up the UNESCO property constitute a sort of archipelago, distributed over a much larger Alpine area and divided into five different provinces from an institutional and administrative point of view.

Adamello Brenta Natural Park

Entering the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, nature immediately conquers us with uncontaminated landscapes of unique beauty. Here we can experience unrepeatable emotions: admire the Brenta Dolomites, majestic peaks that turn red at sunset. Stroll along fairytale lakes, where you can get lost in wild nature. Or put yourself to the test and reach the Adamello glacier, one of the largest in Europe.

The Adamello Brenta Natural Park enjoys an extraordinary wealth of fauna, thanks to the environmental integrity and variety of its territory.

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Brenta Dolomites

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