Every morning open your eyes and admire the Brenta Dolomites

The Silvio Agostini refuge looks like a high-altitude refuge, with good architectural taste that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment, renovated but maintained as tradition dictates, rustic, welcoming, warm and with attention to detail.

There are 10 rooms, rooms with 4 beds, 6 beds and for any groups of friends also with 8 and 10 beds, all comfortable and furnished with larch wood floors and fir paneling, bunk beds and common services on each floor. it also has two hot showers.

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A day in the refuge…

What is the best moment at the refuge? Difficult to grasp one in particular, up here every moment has an extraordinary value, so many facets in different moments, so many patrons who enter the refuge as strangers and leave as friends…

The mountain has its own fantastic magic…

…here we are all incredibly equal, it doesn’t matter what you do in life, how you dress, what kind of car you own, where and how you live, etc…
The sweat, the effort to arrive to earn this longed-for destination magically wash away any veil of prejudice towards others, people you have greeted for years with a simple handshake in the valley when they arrive, they seek a hug even if they are wet with sweat, elsewhere this would be impossible!
The mountain is pure energy, eternal vitality, perhaps a feeling that I adore at the refuge is in the evening when after dinner all the patrons, satiated and refreshed from the day’s efforts, relax and plan the next day in detail, who asks for information, timing, forecasts weather, when it is better to leave, some alpine guides with perhaps a little slower customers ask to bring breakfast forward when it is still night to save time in the event of afternoon thunderstorms, see the preparations of the equipment, the clinking of pegs, carabiners, quickdraws …a beautiful feeling!

In the morning…

…there is always a bit of frenzy, those who have slept, those who are anxious to leave have not slept a wink… those who get up instead with the sun in their eyes… after breakfast we organize ourselves for the day, we look at each other reservations, keep an eye on the weather, hoping it will always help us, and off we go… I start preparing something good in the kitchen, something that when you go to a refuge stimulates you to willingly sit down at the table, simple but tasty things, easy to manage in case more people arrive than expected or who don’t arrive due to a sudden change in the forecasts…Emanuele organizes the hall and prepares the rooms for the evening patrons, the girls enthusiastically help us to make the refuge clean and tidy.
The day passes and at 10.00 pm, as per tradition and the regulations of the refuges, everyone goes to sleep, dawn is already near! However, the most awaited moment of the day cannot be missing first, in front of the last embers of the fireplace you can taste a fantastic grappa with grandfather Ignazio’s mountain pine, pure elixir of life, in silence and in the most absolute tranquility, all to start us in the best ways to a healthy restful sleep!

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