Rifugio Silvio Agostini

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The refuge was built in 1937 by a cooperative of 326 members who dedicated it to a great mountaineer and mountain guide, Silvio Agostini. In 1976 it was donated to the S.A.T of Trento and from that partnership until today the refuge has been managed by the Cornella family for two generations.
45 years have passed since the day in which the S.A.T of Trento, owner of the same refuge, entrusted the management to Ignazio Cornella. Since 1993, his son Roberto has been carrying on this extraordinary adventure in the Brenta Dolomites, which today, together with his son Emanuele, are moving towards the third generation

About half a century in which the Cornella family has put passion into welcoming and satisfying mountaineers, hikers and anyone who loves to visit this little corner of paradise in the Brenta Dolomites. Today Roberto and Emanuele await you with the same enthusiasm as on the first day to advise you on the most beautiful excursions, to introduce you to and appreciate everything that surrounds us in this extraordinary environment.

The landslide of 1957

a bit of history

A few meters from the Silvio Agostini Hut lie three large boulders, evidence of the landslide that spared the structure and its guests at dawn on 18 July 1957.

It was about 7.30 when the Jandl tower, a daring bell tower located at the top of the Ambiez glacier collapsed and its boulders descended towards the refuge, some passed it by passing close to it while the two largest stopped above it about 50 meters away.
Witnesses of the event were the managers Gino Collini, his wife and the children of Borgo Sacco accompanied by a priest.

This is the original report of the landslide taken from the refuge book, written that same morning by Don Ernesto Menghini from Rovereto and some exceptional photos taken by one of the boys (Bruno Bettini from Rovereto) a few moments after the landslide.

Sleeping one step away from the moon



A unique experience

No artificial light, no noise and pollution.

Sleeping in a refuge and waking up in total silence is one of those experiences that you have to try at least once in your life! And wake up to a rich breakfast, ideal for starting the day with vitality and energy!

In the heart of the Brenta!

Refuge staff very helpful and courteous. The food is really good, it’s worth a stop. Unforgettable panorama in a still wild valley.

Ombretta Gelmini, Google Business

Unique panorama in the world

While maintaining the characteristics of an alpine refuge, it offers excellent cuisine and comfortable rest. The surrounding walls offer routes with the best rock of the Brenta.

Giampaolo Orrù, Google Business

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